The Ultimate Blank Firing Grenade.

You are closing in on an enemy position, you can't throw a BFG over the blockade and you can't shoot blindly through the gap at ground level..

So you pull out your MAS-G, set the countdown and roll it in... Threat neutralised!

Your squad needs to secure a building, you switch to the LED disruption base, roll it in to a dark room blinding and deafening the defending force while you pick them off like rabbits caught in headlights.

Need to defend the room? Set the MAS-G to virtual Infra-Red tripwire and anyone coming through the door is taken out. Why not add a delay just to make sure you take out the whole unsuspecting squad.

Put the MAS-G in to Silent Trigger mode and get a vibrate alert on a mobile device when triggered in Shock or Trip wire modes.

With it's multitude of modes, configurations and features, the MAS-G is a formidable force in the combat zone.  

A One grenade Army!

Built to last.

The MAS-G is made exclusively from CNC machined Stainless Steel and anodised Aluminium parts.

When a part is cast it allows for potential weaknesses and stress points which can later fail when under duress.

As the MAS-G is made only from CNC machined metals, it is vastly stronger than a cast product. There is also no chance of the MAS-G going rusty as all of it's screws and springs are also Stainless Steel.

Packed with technology.

With it's Tri-Axis 2G accelerometer, the MAS-G is able to detect the slightest of motion when in shock or impact mode.

It's High intensity Infra-Red emitter and receiver are able to detect motion up to 50cm away, perfect for ambushing unsuspecting threats entering a room or placing down narrow corridors.

Game changing features.

  • 0-9 Second user settable delay in all modes.
  • Zero-G 'In flight' arming.
  • Impact detection.
  • Virtual Infra-Red Trip wire.
  • Waterproof.
  • Remote Detonation.
  • Mobile App for configuration.
  • Data Logging for game statistics.
  • High intensity flashing red LED and App for locating the MAS-G after use.
  • Multiple 'Quick Change' smart Base options including:  LED Disruption , Blank firing .209, 9mm with more to come.
  • Silent Trigger Alert to mobile App.

Anywhere Updates.

With the Mobile App and Bluetooth connectivity, you can make sure you that you have the latest features and enhancements.

Intelligent Charging.

The MAS-G will let you know how long it has left to charge and how much estimated game time you have based on the modes and amount you use it.

Reload in Seconds!

Not only is the MAS-G the Most Advanced Airsoft Grenade in the World. 

It's also designed to be practical to use in the field and can be re-loaded in under 5 seconds, making it probably the fastest!

Due to it's exclusive CNC machined Stainless Steel & Anodized Aluminium construction, uncompromised choice of high specification parts and build quality,  the build cost for the MAS-G is high relative to it's retail price and it would not be possible for it to be distributed, retailed and still offer it to you at a reasonable price.

This means that it can only be purchased directly from us. 

We need to place an order with the factory for the number of grenade parts required so they know exactly how many to manufacture and ship to our facility in the UK for assembly, testing, programming and finally shipping to you as a complete grenade.

This is good news for you because it means you deal directly with us from the initial sale, to support , and after sales service. We designed your grenade and we built it!

Download the MAS-G Operating Guide Here

Download the Android App Here

iOS Version available soon 

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Here are Answers to some common Questions.

 I was a backer, do I need to pay any more money?  
No, you will receive your grenade(s) as per your backed order. 

I moved since I backed, what do I do? 
We will send out an email to every backed email address requesting that you reply with your current address.

 I changed my email since I backed and lost the password to my old email. What do I do?
A few days after the email has gone out to all the backers emails, we will post on Facebook that anyone who has changed their email, send us your name, old email address and postal address. We will then update the system.

What comes with the MAS-G? 
1 x Head, 1 x .209 Blank Firing Base, 1 x Charge Dock, 1 x Red USB Cable. 

How heavy is the MAS-G?  
620g with the .209 Blank Firing Base attached and  a primer loaded.  
Head         = 380g 
.209 Base = 240g

How big is the MAS-G? 
Overall dimensions are 120mm(.209 base fitted) tall by 65mm across the fat bit.

Can I turn off the LED Display?, It's going to get my arse shot off!
Yes, you can set the level in the App.

How do I find my MAS-G once if deployed it?  
Every 30 seconds or so(user defined), the MAS-G will flash it's bright LED in the  rear of the window and run the release mechanism motor so you'll hear a 'click' or see a flash for the LED Disruption Base.

What if someone picks up my MAS-G and keeps it?  
All MAS Products are coded to work only for the owner. 
If someone managed to get hold of your grenade, they would only be able to use it until it required charging. It will then only charge if first connected to your App.

The MAS-G is only available in shades of black, how will I know it's mine if there are a few in the same area?
In the Polycarbonate window on the MAS-G there is a serial number, you can use  this or coloured bands available from the Store to help identify your MAS-G.

How long does it take to charge?  
Between 30 minutes and an hour depending on how low the battery is. 

How long does the battery last? 
It's that piece of string everyone talks about. It will depend on how you use it.
 If you are just setting and timer and getting a bang it will last a long time.
 If it's sat there in IR Tripwire mode all day it's going to eat the battery
 The App will learn how much drain is on the battery for each mode and combined  with the amount you use it, it will be able to estimate how much game time you  have left.

What if I leave it switched on?  
It's impossible to leave it switched on because after 10 seconds without the button being pressed it turns itself off. The only way to run the battery right down is to leave it in an active mode like Shock, Virtual IR Trip Wire or Remote Detonation.

I've armed the MAS-G in mine mode, can I dis-arm it? 

Can I use a portable phone charging pack to charge my MAS-G?
Yes, any USB socket with an 'A' type socket/outlet will charge the MAS-G, you can use any Mini-B USB cable to connect to the base.

What pouches do you recommend for the MAS-G?
We will be producing a set of pouches in all your favourite patterns.
There will be a pouch for the head, complete grenade and one for base so that  you can have either grenades ready to deploy, bases ready to go on a head or  any combination. They will have the usual fitment.

When will there be pouches? 
Pouches will be available and in-stock on the Store for July so you will be able to purchase them for when your Grenade arrives. 
Backers are going to have to get creative until July.

What does the App do?
The App allows you to update the MAS-G's firmware. 
It alsos allow you to configure your product, set mode of operation for rapid deployment and review 
 data, monitor charging as well as full in game remote control.
I was one of the few 'not quite right in the head people' who doesn't quite feel  that making peoples ears ring is sufficient so I wanted a 9mm option just to ensure they aren't able to hear again and possibly require treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. When will I get my 9mm base?
We are currently in development of the 9mm base but you will still get sent a .209 base. 
Due to extending the backing period we have a number of backers that did  not specify if they wanted a 9mm or .209 base. 
If you desire a 9mm base and  have not used your .209mm base, you can return it for a free exchange. 
otherwise being a backer you will be offered a 9mm base at a greatly reduced  price once it becomes available.

What if my MAS-G breaks out of warranty because I throw it like Rambo at armoured vehicles. 
My fingers are really fat and I'd lose all the tiny little parts.
 Can you fix it if I send it to you? 
Yes, we will offer a complete after sales service which will be repair and general servicing.

I like taking things apart, will this void the warranty? 
Yes it will, so wait 12 months then see how it works.
My local CQB site are concerned about BFG's starting fires. Could the MAS-G start a fire?
Any product used incorrectly can pose a danger to assets and personnel. 
           The MAS-G distributes the exhaust gases from the primer through 4 ports, the same with any BFG, if conditions were very dry and something highly flammable were to be placed  directly adjacent to an exhaust port, it is possible although unlikely that it could start a fire. 
It is the responsibility of the operator to carefully read and adhere to  the safe operating guide found within the instruction manual.

What is this Remote Detonator thingy I keep hearing about?.
          We are working on a rail mounted detonator that will have a range of 50-100 meters.